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Whether you mastermind modern & urban condominium developments or run a suburban home building business, the Dalmatian Smart Fire Prevention™ PRO System will distinguish you as a home builder that offers extra security and peace of mind to your clients, putting you at the leading edge of technology.

Add value to rental units

The Dalmatian Smart Fire Prevention™ PRO System is the perfect way to add value to rental units for the tenant and because it’s built in, the system can’t be taken by tenants when they move. The Dalmatian is also a smart way to protect your investment and reduce your liability because let’s face it, tenants aren’t always as careful in a rental as they would be in their own home.

The Dalmatian Smart Fire PreventionTM PRO System

Your property is safe

Perfect for condos

Also for developments and apartments

Compatible for electric ovens (range)

Also wall ovens and cooktops

Convenient reset button



Can easily include additional
plugs in the home

Your investment is secure

Trademark of trust

Everything you build is second-level secure


A smart way to protect your investment

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