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Statistics show that most household fires start with someone leaving something unattended on the stove. It was this statistic that challenged us to find a simple, faithful solution – the Dalmatian. The Dalmatian Smart Fire Prevention™ System is an award-winning, proudly Canadian innovation.

What is the Dalmatian
Smart Fire Prevention™ System?

The Dalmatian stops fires before they start. You could call it your home’s best friend!

How does it work?

The system works with your smoke detector to provide second-level security and peace of mind. When your smoke detector is activated, it triggers the Dalmatian system which immediately disconnects power to your kitchen range and counter plugs. With no heat or electricity, kitchen fires are far less likely to start or spread.

Stay, Spot, Stay!

The Dalmatian is on guard in your home even when you are away, always working in the background, potentially saving you thousands of dollars while protecting your family, your home, and your possessions.